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December 6, 2013


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It is unlike me to be writing a letter to myself, but Hermione had insisted that we wrote some form of literature to articulate what we couldn't say out loud to each other. I'm not one for letter writing. Hermione herself is a witness to how bad my penmanship really is. Sometimes, I can't even read what I have written. Writing and I were not good friends, even from when I was still at Hogwarts.


I find it really hard to face the glaring truth that most of the good times, what little happiness I had, was accumulated when I was still at Hogwarts. Now, with the doorstep of the world right in front of me, I find myself looking back at those times when life meant just being young and free. Funny thing, this youth. We can't wait to grow up, to leave the place that groomed us, but when hardships age you, I find myself wishing I could go back to when I was slightly younger. Everyone who knows me, know that I didn't have a happy childhood. I was left orphaned in the wake of my first birthday. I then grew up with a family that didn't really want me, though I should be thankful to them for taking me in when I had no one else to depend on.

I grew up oblivious to the fact that I was anything more than just Harry. I got no special treatment for being the Boy Who Lived. I didn't even know it myself. All I knew was these, my parents died in a car crash and my cousin Dudley is a blotchy, fat bully. I sought no further truth than what I have been told. That is one thing I am most grateful about. I am grateful I got the chance to know the truth and it came when Hagrid knocked on the rickety shack's old door. The rest, as one would say, is history.

That wasn't the case with me. I had no history. I didn't know who I was until a seemingly large person named Rubeus Hagrid, told me, "Yer a wizard, Harry." Unremarkable Harry Potter then became Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. I never told this to anyone, but I would forever be grateful for that night when Hagrid told me, he was taking me away. It was my chance to escape the utter indifference of my aunt and uncle. It was a break from all the bullying I received from Dudley. It was the beginning of my life. Even with all that's happened, I have no regrets for that day.

Being nostalgic isn't really my thing, to be honest. I should finish this letter or else Hermione would be very angry with me. Though, I would never have predicted that I would have her in my life as one of my best friends. I am very grateful for that, for my friends, especially for Ron and Hermione. There were countless times that I would have been dead if it weren't for the smarts of one Miss Hermione Granger. She's irritating, but I care about her a lot. She's more than a friend to me, she's like my sister. One I would imagine I'd have if my parents were to have more children. Hermione has the kindest and most giving heart, more than anyone I've ever met. Her ability to look past my shortcomings and my temper is something... I am grateful for her presence in my life, very grateful.

I am also eternally thankful to anyone up above for sending me, Ron and his family. Despite our little arguments and misunderstandings, Ron is like a brother to me. He befriended me not because I am Harry Potter, but because I am Harry, the scrawny-git from Surrey. Well, that rhymes! Where was I? Ron, yes, the redhead from the Burrow. Had I not met Ron, I wouldn't have met his family. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley took me in, no questions asked. They treated me like one of theirs, even when my hair is jet black and not red. Mrs. Weasley gave me the kind of love you would expect to get from your mother. She tried her best to include me in her maternal affections. I wasn't without a father figure with Mr. Weasley around. The times we spent mucking about in the shed, tinkering with Muggle artefacts were the type of activities I would think my father and I would have enjoyed, had he been alive.

I've lost many of my loved ones over the years. My parents were the first to go because of me. Then when I thought I've found some semblance of normalcy with Sirius around, I lost him too. In a way, Sirius' death hit me harder than my parents' death. It wasn't because I love him more than I do my parents, no, it was because I got to know him before he died and through him, I got a glimpse of who my parents were. His death hit me hard because not only I've lost him as a godfather, but I've lost the only living person who had a connection to my parents, the only person willing to share their memories with me. When I lost him, it almost felt like I've lost my parents all over again. For whatever brief time I had with him, I am thankful I got to know him. My only regret was to not be able to clear his name and be able to tell the world that he was my godfather, the man that tried his best to keep my parents alive.

Despite all the riddles and not to mention the secrets and lies, I am thankful for Albus Dumbledore. He was my teacher, my mentor and my friend. He prepared me for the worse with all the hopes for the best. He taught me to believe in myself, to believe in my friends and to believe in the good things. He taught me to love unconditionally. I am eternally indebted to him for making me the man I am today. I'd never thought I'd say this, but I am thankful I found out the truth behind Severus Snape. I am grateful that his love for my mother survived the test of time. It was because of that love and his sacrifice; I am here, writing this letter. He was truly a great man.

What I am most grateful for, now at the end of all things, was to be able to see my parents one last time. I am grateful that their love and blessings are still with me even if they're not. I owe my life to them and for that; I can't express how grateful I am. I hope, one day, I will be able to be a good parent, much like how my parents were. I miss them and will continue to miss them for the remainder of my life. I hope to make myself worthy in the years to come and when I finally meet them in heaven, and ask them, 'Do I make them proud?' They would be able to answer...

Written for a contest on 
First place winner

The Prompt :

It was the year of the Final Battle. Only some months after, the trio decided to gather together amidst their grief and amidst the pain they had gone through. 

Harry, Ron, Hermione were in Grimmauld Place that day. Each of them had ink and parchment prepared. The three of them had agreed that they would be doing something for Thanksgiving. It was Hermione's idea, really. She knew all of them were grieving, and she knew how all of them lost people who were near and dear to them. She thought that maybe, just maybe, if they wrote something about what happened or wrote about what they thought and felt, the grief would perhaps subside. She suggested that the three of them would write the things they were thankful of. It wasn't as an insult to those who died during the war, no. It was more of... a tribute to the people who had been with them. A thank you for everything they've done. A means for them to move on yet somehow still be grateful for what has happened to them and the people around them.

You are to write as Harry, Ron, or Hermione. Each one of them has their own griefs and their own feelings about what had happened in the Final Battle. But what is it that each one of them is thankful of? There must be something, right? 

In not less than 500 words and not more than 1200 words, your task is to write what Harry, Ron, or Hermione is thankful for. It can be absolutely anything... as long as what you're writing is in character. You will be judged based on how much you are in character and the content of what your thank you note will say.

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Sinthujia-Delamorte Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so fitting… and so wonderful. Harry is such a good, well developed character, and you really bring out just how much he has changed in this. I really hope you continue the prompt and write as Ron and Hermione- it'd be nice to know how they feel too.
drkay85 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Oh, that is a wonderful idea. It will be fun to write as Ron lol
Sinthujia-Delamorte Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. I guess I'm a good muse!
AthdaraSeleya Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh, that was wonderful! It almost moved me to tears... Yes, I think this is really like Harry, this is what he would have thought. Great story!
drkay85 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you :) i like writing from Harry's POV. So many emotions that I can tap into
AthdaraSeleya Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
True, he's a very deep and interesting character... no wonder after all he's been through.
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